Wednesday, December 05, 2012


My poor blog has been seriously neglected lately. Sorry for being so lax. Unfortunately, all of my recent pictures are on our laptop which I don't use very much and never when I'm blogging. (Don't ask me why I put them there. I have no idea.) Life as usual is busy. After taking my trip to visit my mom and then my dad and sisters (which was great), dh went to visit his family. While he was gone, I had a never ending cold that kicked my fanny. Usually when he goes on trips I do some big paint project but this time I had planned to do tons of quilting. Didn't happen. :( I got some cutting done and finished piecing and layering a quilt for him but didn't get the quilting finished. It was going to be a surprise so now I'll try and get it finished by our anniversary (16 years on Dec. 26). I had a baby shower to go to last weekend. When the invite went out, I thought it said it was going to be next weekend. Imagine my surprise when I double checked the date and found I had only 4 days to finish the baby quilt. I had only cut out about half the pieces I needed. That would have been ok except I'm a huge procrastinator so Friday morning I cut the rest of the pieces and got the I-Spy back partially finished then went about my day. I ended up staying up all night getting it pieced and quilted. I normally hand stitch the binding to the back but dh suggested I just finish the whole thing by machine. I was reluctant but time was not on my side with just 8 hours left to finish the quilt, sleep some and take care of normal, everyday stuff. I didn't do my best work on the binding and I don't think I'll use that method again since I really wasn't happy with the results but I had not choice but to give it to her as it was. Note to self: Stop procrastinating so much!!! I'm hoping to transfer my pics in the next couple of days so that I won't have boring blog posts. My poor blog only has 9 posts so far this year, which is truly pathetic. Let's see if I can manage a post a day for the rest of the year. In the meantime, here is a pic of dh and me
from 2(ish) years ago.

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