Monday, August 01, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Yes, I actually have something to share today!

We just got back a few days ago from a week long trip to a family-friendly summer camp and I took along a UFO to work on during down times. I almost got all of the quilting finished, just 1/2 of one of the long sides and the squares on 3 of the sides left to do. I quilted in the ditch around the inside of each small rectangle, along the sides of each square and around the inside of the small squares. I'll finish up the quilting probably today and get to work on the binding. Once I get it done, I'll give it to one of the women in our mosque expecting her first baby at the end of the month.

I was hoping to have all of the quilting done by now but ended up with 11 loads of laundry once we got back. I also had to give the garden some attention. The hot weather has been great for the zucchini and we now have 4 watermelons growing but the tomatoes and green pepper are still slow to develop this year. (No thanks to the deer that kept eating the tops of the plants.) When we left, we had a couple of zucchini about half way along. When we got back, I found this....

It's as long as my three year old's arm from shoulder to fingertips and weighs 4 lbs. The kids were thrilled and immediately started begging for zucchini bread. The little "C" shaped veggie at the top is an Ichiban eggplant. Unfortunately, it didn't get very big. We also had one tiny cherry tomato that S. ate as soon as she saw it.

Remember I was telling you how I see shapes and patterns in the most unusual places. This tree was right outside our cabin window at the camp.

You see the man's face there between the two branch stumps, right?

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