Friday, May 09, 2008

Finally some pictures

Thank you to everyone that has been popping in to see if I've finally gotten around to updating my blog.

First, here are two pictures of the baby quilt I finished back in March. No new quilting has been going on but I did make 2 pairs of pants for the girls as well as a swimsuit for myself and new swimpants for the girls before we took our trip. (I still have to make the girls new tops. The color is almost completely bleached out of the old ones.)

The trip was great. We ended up not going to Disney but still had tons of fun and didn't even get to all of the attractions I had planned. (We did, however, go to Downtown Disney to check out the Lego store and the big lego creations like the sea serpent behind us in the last picture.)

Staying at a rental house was definately THE best way to go. Lots of space, very comfortable, economical and quite relaxing. If anyone out there is planning to travel in the near future, especially if you'll be travelling with kids, you should really consider renting a house rather than a hotel. Just google "vacation rental" and the city or state (or even country) you'll be heading to. Just goofing around, I've found some amazing looking places all over the US and abroad. If anyone has any questions I'd be more than happy to answer them.

I, also, want to say a big thank you to Sue at Quilting Chatter. I had completely forgotten about the Pay It Forward thing until this wonderful box arrived on my doorstep this week full of great stuff. Sue was so incredibly generous. She sent two pincushions, two bags as well as four crochet dish clothes. I haven't had a chance to take a picture yet but will include one in the next post. I feel guilty now because I haven't gotten any takers for my offer to Pay It Forward so I'll offer once again to whoever would like to participate. I'll send you something if you promise to Pay it Forward to 3 more people.