Friday, December 31, 2010

UFO Challenge

Judy has been kind enough to give me (along with about 168 others) an extra special challenge. When it comes to quilting, like a lot of quilters, I have a touch of ADHD which means lots of unfinished projects or UFOs. So this year we're challenging ourselves to finish one UFO per month.

So here goes:

1. and 2. Quilt 1 and Quilt 2 (kinda like Dr. Seuss' Thing 1 and Thing 2) - Fraternal Twin quilt tops for twins that are now 3 years old and not getting any younger. These need to be sandwiched, quilted and bound.

3. Batik Baby - I started hand quilting this. I'd like to at least finish the hand quilting. If I'm really good, maybe I'll even bind it.

4. Rooty Tooty - S. really wants this quilt for her bed. I tried some machine meander quilting on it which I don't like so I have to rip that out, quilt it and bind it.

*5. R.'s baby quilt - R. is now 5 1/2. It's about time I get this quilt beyond the block stage, don't ya think? The blocks are hand pieced so I don't think I can do much more than get this into a finished top for now.

*6. Orange and Cream - This is just a little mini practice quilt that's been hanging around too long. I need to finish the hand quilting and get it bound.

7. Kids' practice potholders - I'm ashamed to say that these just need to be bound but have been sitting under other projects for way too long.

8. Cabin Baby - This is the black, pink and white log cabin for the baby that was born back in Feb. Time to get this finished.

9. Carpenter's Wheel - This was meant to be a present for dh. Gotta finish this one from block stage too.

10. Falling Leaves - This was one of Judy's patterns way back in 2006. I'll be happy to get this to a finished top.

11. Black and Blues - This one has been around almost as long as the blog. I know it's floating around my stash somewhere but I couldn't put my hands on it just now to take a picture. It's another mini so I should be able to finish the quilting and bind it.

12. Applique Angel - This was a test to see if I'd like to try doing more applique. Apparently I wouldn't since, like #11, I can't find it at the moment but I know it's in there. The goal for this one is to finish it and make it a little wall hanging.

Sometime this summer, I'll be losing my quilting space to ds 1 when we move him into our office/sewing room and move H. in with R., so it's time to get the stash and my UFOs under control.

*I've decided to reverse the positions of numbers 5 and 6. Judy choose number 6 as our first UFO of the year; however, I have so many things going on this month I know that I would not be able to spend much time on the UFO project. I really didn't want to fail/miss out on the first month so I switched to an easier project that is just as old but significantly smaller and, therefore, "doable" this month. I just hated the idea of starting out on the wrong foot this month by not being able to complete the UFO.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Well, this is the last Design Wall Monday of the year. I think I've gotten more accomplished this year than previous years, in part because of being part of the Design Wall Monday posts. Next year, I hope to do even better. I also want to take part in the UFO challenge;I just need to pull out my UFOs and get the pictures put together.

Speaking of UFOs, my only quilt related activity last week was working on binding the blue baby quilt above. I still have a bit more left to do but I have a good excuse for not finishing it.

Last week, I made a surprise trip to visit my mom and aunt in TN and my sister in GA. My dad drove out to GA from AZ so I got to see him as well. It's been almost 4 years since I had seen my dad and so he hadn't seen my youngest at all. The week before leaving I cooked almost a month's worth of lunches and dinners for my mom, several take-along meals for us and about a bazillion cookies for everyone. I only had time to make one batch of brownies and those went to my dad. My oldest niece commented about wanting some as well so I guess I'll have to send her a batch.

I managed to get a scarf crocheted for dh while we were traveling. Now I need to get busy working on a scarf or two for the Special Olympics (our knitting/crochet groups latest project), finishing up the current baby quilt I'm working on, get busy with the three baby quilts for friends and getting the UFOs together. Oh, yeah. I also promised to post about our trip to Iran last month.

If you're interested in making a scarf for the Special Olympics, you can get the project guidelines here.

Check out the other Design Wall posts on Judy's blog.

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Well, there's nothing really new to show. I started cutting blues for the baby quilt I owe. I washed the flannels for the brown and pink and really need to get that one started.

The big reason I don't have anything to show is that I was working on the last few squares for the Warm Up America donation. In total, our group made 105 7"x9" squares which is enough for more than 2 blankets. From mid-Oct. to last Friday, I made 27. I'm really proud of what our group accomplished considering we are a very small group and most of the participants are working moms.

Our next project is to make scarves for the 2011 Winter Special Olympics. If you're interested in making scarves for the Special Olympics, you can find out more here.

Well, if I'm going to get everything I need to done, it's time to get busy. Check out other design walls at Judy's site for quilty inspiration.

In the meantime, I'll be looking forward to this -
while waiting out this -

Monday, December 06, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Yippy! I actually have something to post for today.

Last week, I made this Pretty In Pink quilt for a baby shower that was Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning we took a trip up to Baltimore for the National Aquarium's annual Dollar Days weekend. Who can resist paying $7 versus the $151.65 it would have cost for regular admission. We were running a little late getting there so had to stand in a long line, then wait a little longer for our timed entry. We ended up not leaving until about 2:30. Since the shower started at 3:30, I knew we'd be a little late but not terribly since it should have taken about an hour and fifteen minutes to get home. Except dh accidentally took the long way home. We ended up not getting to the baby shower until 5:30. As usual, I finished just before the shower (in the car on the way home from the aquarium). I was feeling so proud of my self for not coping out and just buy a gift. Until the mom started opening the gifts and I noticed that they were boy related. Eeek! I was sure she was having a girl. :( I knew I had to leave soon to get to another engagement so I didn't think I'd be able to explain to the mom-to-be my faux pas. I explained to her sister-in-law what happened (we're friends) and snuck my gift off the table. Fortunately, she finished the gift opening just before I had to leave, so I explained then promised to make her a boy quilt before the baby is born. She's not due until Feb. so I should have plenty of time.

Now I have another friend who is expecting and she is due at the end of this month. I thought about giving the quilt to her but she has a girl and doesn't really to the girly girl colors with her which is why I had chosen these fabrics for her baby quilt. (I chose these back on Black Friday, well before my booboo.) The dark pink and brown will be used in a two color basket weave with the lighter pink as the backing. These are all flannels which is appropriate for a winter baby, no?

The Pretty in Pink will go to a third friend who's little girl is almost a year old but is ALWAYS dressed in pinks and purples, very girly girl. A plus, I was planning on making her a quilt anyway since I met her after her baby was born and she's lavished praise on other quilts I've made so I know it will be appreciated.

Now to get busy!