Monday, July 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Long time no see. As usual, life as been super crazy busy but this last few months have had some major curve balls thrown in to keep things WAY too interesting. After my last post- a monster virus infected my computer so badly we gave up trying to get rid of it and got a new computer, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, I moved my sewing stuff into just about every closet in the house so that ds M. could get the sewing room/office for his bedroom, lightening struck a tree right next to our house (no damaged done to the house despite a rather large branch falling on the roof), my freezer threatened to die and required two full days of my attention to get it back up and running (major ice build-up behind a metal panel that couldn't be seen during normal use), I've planned a solo trip to visit my parents (first solo trip since I had kids), dh fell off a ladder and broke his wrist which required surgery (2 hospital visits, 2 dr. visits so far, and me being his chauffeur for the time being) and another part of the lightening struck tree fell which required having a friend come cut off one of the three trunks (it fell 2 days after dh broke his wrist, right before a dr.'s appt. and was threatening to fall the rest of the way on anyone that came too close). I'm SOOO ready for my solo trip. DH should be recovered enough to be on full-time dad duty for a little over a week. The trip has prompted an insane plan in the quilting department. Quilts for my dad, aunt, sister, her son and daughter, as well has 2 for my high school best friend, who is pregnant with her 2nd son. I've almost finish an afghan for my mom as well. All of that has to be finished in the next 5 weeks or so with the month of Ramadan starting this weekend. Ramadan, besides the abstinence from food and drink from dawn to sunset, means nightly trips to the mosque loaded down with cookies, brownies, and/or quick bread as well as the occasionally main course dish to add to the potluck iftar (meal to break the days fast). So, basically 2-3 hours of baking each day will have to happen while I'm working on the quilts and taking care of kids, house and a recuperating dh. Here is the first of the quilts and the one that has any actual sewing done. I wish I could credit the source of the design but I found it while browsing through a magazine waiting to get fabric cut at JoAnn's. I can't even remember which magazine it was in.
I took over the homeschool room for a temporary sewing room. The curtain makes a halfway decent design wall, as long as I don't want to open it. I was hoping to finish the top this afternoon but dh needed to go pick up some papers from work which meant about 4.5 hours of my day gone. Now I have to go make dinner and hope I can squeeze in enough time to finish the top tonight. Sorry about the text being all smooshed together. For some reason, blogger is not recognizing my paragraphing. Check out other design wall on Judy's page.

In case anyone is interested, I figured out the name of the pattern is Split Decision by Sandi Irish and was in McCall's Quick Quilts June/July 2012.