Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It figures!

Dh never reads my blog but guess what he did a few days ago! Yup, he knows about the "surprise" quilt but he still hasn't seen it yet and he's not going to until I finish. :P Speaking of finished quilts, how about a peek at the baby quilt I finished in record time. I made another I-Spy backing. I like the I-Spy backs but they do require a good bit of extra work. Oh, well. What are all these great novelty prints for, if not for playing with? This quilt includes a variety of sweet treats as well as newly acquired VW buses and Vespas! I even found Pacman ghosts fabric (not included in this quilt). I really want to add marshmallows, pancakes, waffles and the Jack and Jenny wellies but I promised myself no more new fabrics until a make at least 3 more quilts to bust some stash.
My goofy teenager. The boy's nearly 5'10" now. I'm starting to look tiny next to him and I have to go on tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek and I'm not even short.
I was trying to decide between a black or white background, but some people don't like black for baby quilts and white gets dirty faster. My solution-half and half.

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