Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fabric from Dubai

Here are the pics of the fabric I gotten in Dubai. Sorry it's taken awile to get them up. Since we got back we've hosted lunch once, been lunch guests twice, had a birthday party and greeted my brother-in-law at the airport late one night when he came home for a visit. The Moda I mentioned before is the red one on the far right. I also found quite a few marbles which I wish I had gotten more of, especially the cream and purple ones at the bottom. The print under the monsters is of trains in similar colors which I plan to use on Reza's birthday quilt. Alas, I haven't even finished cutting out the fabrics for his quilt much less finish sewing the blocks. He's the only one to not at least have a finished top as a first birthday present. It's a good thing he's still little and doesn't know the difference. ;)
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Patty said...

What great fabric !
It seems you have such a close family. How wonderful that is. I just wrote on my blog about how we should have loved ones over more often. I had that growing up and miss it so much now that we live so far from extended family.