Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Patty posted about how important having girlfriends is to women. She suggested that the internet has provided a way for women to make similar connections that they would make off-line. I think this is especially true of blogs. We take about our days or what we're working on or wish we had time to do. We also share our special moments. Before we moved, at least once a week, two of my girlfriends and one's children got together for playtime for the kids and talk time for us. We could spend hours just sitting around chatting while the kids all had their fun. I may not remember the topics of most of the conversations we had during the last 3 years but I'll never forget the feeling of connection I have with Monica and Asma. (And my kids will likely never forget their friendships with Ali, Maryam and Zahra.)

Since moving, I haven't found anyone to fill in the space that leaving my friends has made but being able to read about other women's lives through their blogs has given me a feeling of connection all it's own. We all come from different backgrounds and live in different places but we still have so much in common.

So, greetings to all of my friends in cyberspace and know that, although, I don't always have time to comment, I try to find time to read about how you all are doing everyday.

Oh, and Patty, thank you for all of the beautiful pictures you share with us each day and the gift of your wisdom and insight that you so generously express through your blogs.


Patty said...

Hi Shellie,
How wonderful the world is smaller thanks to the computer and how we discover our "sameness" with other women no matter where we live.
I have borrowed my daughter Melanies copy of The Holy Quran to read. I am enjoying it. Stretching the mind is a good thing.

tami said...

You are so right. It has been a lot of fun for me as well networking with other women online who share my same interests. It has also kept me inspired and makes me more productive.

Jeanne said...

Happy birthday to Reza -- love his big smile with those little teeth! I'm enjoying all your pictures. The internet is amazing, isn't it? And it brings us new friends from around the world :)