Thursday, April 27, 2006


Patty asked a few questions about how I dress and, since I've heard these questions before off-line, I thought I'd answer them in a new post in case anyone else is curious. And, Patty,
I don't think you're a bit nosy. I think it helps us all if we learn more about each other and their lives.

What I wear outside-jeans, overalls or cotton pants, t-shirt, knee-hi stockings, scarf, monto-this is the long, loose coat. My montos are anywhere from mid-calf to ankle length, however, the style among teens right now is mid-thigh to just above the knee and much more form-fitting.

What I wear inside-At home with just us I'm almost always in loose cotton pants, sometimes overalls or jeans, and a t-shirt with barefeet. If males other than my dh or father in law are present then I add a scarf, long, loose men's shirt and socks or knee-hi's.

Now is this hot? Patty, as you said, you get used to it. Also, I grew up in the south and baked on the beach each summer. I'm probably no hotter covered up than I was exposed because let's face it when it's 90+ degrees outside everyone's hot. :) Plus I have the added benefit of automatic sunscreen so no more sunburns except maybe on my cheeks and hands and I can slide my scarf forward a bit to shade my eyes if I forget my sunglasses. I try not to forget them too often since the sun is stronger here and I have very light eyes so it's very uncomfortable to go without shades. Montos and scarves also come in different weights of fabric for the different seasons. My sils often wear very light weight sleeveless tops underneath during the summer. Since having babies and when I'm pregnant my tolerance for heat goes way down. I'm usually the first to turn on the ac and I went the whole winter here without a coat only wishing I had worn it one time. I guess it helps that I spent two winters in Indiana and the last few winters in Virginia were nearly arctic, especially since I was often out at night because of college classes. There were plenty of days/nights with negative windchills, snow and ice so I know not to complain when the temps aren't even near freezing. :)

Ok, I hope that answers the questions. If anyone has any other questions, feel free to ask. I never mind answering.


Jeanne said...

I just love learning about lives that are different from mine! I'm thinking you only moved to Iran as an adult, right? Did you wear that traditional clothing in the US, or "American" clothes? We see many women around here dressed in that style.

Patty said...

I am glad you don't think I am nosey : ) I just figure how will I know unless I ask !!
That doesn't sound any "wosrse" heat wise than what I wore for years. And in a odd sort of way, it seems cooler to have your arms covered in the heat. At least it was for me. At home we could go without shoes and stockings but not when anyman other than family was around"
We had certain dresses that were a bit "worn" that were cooler. The cotton was thinner and those were wonderful on the really hot days.
See, for the differences, there are also similarities !
Thanks for sharing. I will think up a new question soon, oh wait, just thought of one. When do the girls start covering their heads ?
Amish cover from the time they are babies, so they get used to it, and Mennonites when they become young ladies or when they get baptized, there is some differences from community to community on that.

Patty said...

Just a thought here. If my questions are not appropriate, just let me know. My email is

Tonya R said...

The Egyptians definitely have a higher tolerance for heat than I do. I'll be miserable and hot in my polo shirt but I'll look around and see women in long-sleeve sweaters with a turtleneck on underneath. Aaaaghh.