Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring in Shiraz

I just thought I'd decorate my blog a bit and include a picture of one of the two little "gardens" in my yard. Mohsen planted all of the pansies a couple of weeks ago and they are doing very well below the lime tree. The grape vine hasn't come to life yet but all of the other green in there are things that just pop up with a little water every now and then (Easy to accomplish with 3 kids who love playing with the hose).

Mohsen's off picking up the tickets for Dubai so it seems like our trip is a go. Knock on wood. Just a little over a week away. I can't wait. :)


Tonya R said...

When I think of flowers in Iran I don't think of something so ordinary as a pansy. Lime trees sound suitably exotic. Glad to hear you get to go on your vacation/shopping trip.

Finn said...

Thanks for sharing some spring time with us. I'm in the middle of another blizzard here in my part of WI. The pansies look beautiful!!

Patty said...

What a lovely little garden. Limes are so good right off the tree. I do wish we could grow them here in this part of Texas.
We are having torrential rains right now which will certainly help green things up