Sunday, March 12, 2006

Shopping plans

Now, most of the posts I've read from quilting blogs lately have been about reducing stash, but me, I'm looking to increase my stash BIG time! We've been planning a trip to Dubai for some months and are hoping to go in about a week and a half. The problem is that they only take reservations up to a month before and we put our names in but have yet to receive any kind of confirmation, so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed. I could use a major shopping trip after all the stress of last month with the kids. And it will be a major shopping trip. According to some internet friends that live in/around Dubai, great cotton fabric is between $2-$3/meter compared to $5-$8/yd in the US. They, also, have a big IKEA there where I plan to spend a lot of time (and money) as well as a few good bookstores including one used bookstore. I've already told DH that I plan on spending all the money I've made teaching while we're there. :) Now, I wonder what the luggage restrictions are?

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Tonya R said...

Hi, Shellie. I saw your comment over at Finn's blog and came for a visit. I can't imagine having four young ones with me as I adapt to a new country - aiyee. I'm glad you've found the quilting blogs - I think they're a fabulous way to stay sane. Have you gone thru Jenny Bowker's blog "Postcards from Cairo"? She took the most gorgeous pics while she was teaching quilting in Teheran. Have you found any quilters in Shiraz?

Enjoy the shopping in Dubai - I've heard it's marvelous.