Saturday, March 25, 2006

High fiber diet

I mentioned before that Reza was trying to eat the scrap pieces that fell on the floor while the kids were quilting but for him this is nothing new. For months now, since he's been able to pick things up with his hands and especially now that he's mobile, he's constantly putting all things fiber into his mouth. It started with him sucking on any blanket or spare piece of clothing that was lying within arm's reach. Now, he's figured out how to pull the end threads off of one of our carpets and is continually caught putting those in his mouth as well as any bit of string, thread, tissue or paper left on the floor. Plastics will get a passing inspection but his real passion is for anything natural, including at the moment, a cardboard game box! He's, also, fond of munching on whole carrots and the heart of romaine lettuce but with four powerful little teeth he's started taking off too big of chunks so we've axed the carrots for now at least. A few weeks ago, he would often be seen crawling around with a carrot stuck in his mouth, occasionally stopping to take a nibble. It's quite funny to see. He learned early on in his crawling that he could still carry things around with him if he just stuck them in his mouth instead of trying to hold them with his hands. LOL.

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Patty said...

I ate paper till I was 7. I liked tissue paper and math paper best !
Little did we all know then that I was seeking out my own version of a high fiber diet