Saturday, March 25, 2006


Our trip to Dubai has been postponed. :( Everything was going alright until we got to the final passport check at the airport to leave Iran only to find out that dh forgot to get exit visa renewed. The last one was good for 6 months and we've been here 7. Grrr. It seems to me fairly crazy that Iranians have to get an exit visa just to leave their own country, but what are you going to do. In case you're wondering about our passports, passports here are family passports, so his covers all of us. I, also, have my own with the kids on it as well but that visa was expired too, of course. DH spent 2 hours in traffic yesterday trying to get to the passport office only to find out once there that a) he had the wrong passport (mine) b) he didn't have the forms he needed and c)I think he said it wasn't the right office. Talk about frustrating!

Once all of this gets straigtened out, we are hoping to be able to find a flight and hotel for Friday thru Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed for us. This is a super busy travel time in Iran because of the New Year's break. New Year's here starts the first day of spring and lasts for 13 days. On the last day, everyone heads out for picnics at their favorite nature spots. Travel is so heavy that the police estimate more than 4 million people have come to Shiraz in the past week, thus the heavy traffic dh experienced yesterday.

I've tried posting pics of the kids working on their quilts but blogger won't let me right now. Will try again another time.

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