Wednesday, January 04, 2012

UFO 2012

Well, I didn't get most of the UFO's finished from the 2011 list so they will just get carried into this next year. I got a lot of quilting done last year and having the UFO list helped spur me on. I'm determined to finish all of them this year!

1. and 2. The twin quilt flimsies. I really need to get these done and out of my sewing space this year.

3. Batik Carpenter's Wheel

4. Fall Leaves

5. 6. and 7. My color blocks quilt which I'll work 3-4 blocks at a time

8. Pink and Brown Basket weave baby quilt (The blues next to it are from a quilt I did last year.)

9. Orange and Cream mini. This little thing has been floating around since 2005ish. Time to get it done.

10. Black and Blue mini. Another that's been here since 2005ish and still no picture.

11. and 12. R.'s hand-made quilt. I started this when he was 1 and he's now 6. It's only partially pieced blocks so there's lots to do.

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Sarah said...

Its a really good idea posting photos of your UFOs. It will focus the mind! Good luck.