Thursday, January 07, 2010

I'm excited

Next month, we're heading to Ohio to a homeschooling convention at an indoor water park/resort. The main presenter is John Taylor Gatto-a former New York City Teacher of the Year and homeschool advocate. I can't wait to hear his presentation.

I actually made the mistake of telling the kids the night before last and that's all I've heard from the 4 oldest ones since. (H. is still to little to have a clue about what's in store.) I had good intentions for it. There will be a "Kids Marketplace" where the kids can buy and sell stuff they've made (or toys they no longer want) and I wanted to give my kids time to make stuff if they so desired.

Speaking of making stuff, I now get to add a swimsuit for S. to the list since she managed to put holes in her's the last time she wore it. So, I have one quilt that HAS to be finished by Jan. 20 (progress- fabrics and pattern selected), one swimsuit that HAS to be finished by Feb. 4 and one quilt that needs to be finished in early Feb. Besides all the regular day to day stuff I normally do. The next four weeks are going to be CRAZY!

This is an icicle that formed outside my kitchen window after the last snow started to melt, although we still have some of it sticking around. The icicle is more than 20 inches.