Monday, January 04, 2010

Design Wall Monday

First off, Happy New Year! I kept meaning to post but have been busy spending time with friends. We got two dinner invites back to back, which is funny since it's been months since we've gone to anyone's house. It worked well for me since I didn't have to cook either night. I took a "me" day on Saturday, which was more than a little crazy - wind chills were in the single digits. BRRRRR!

Shh! Don't tell dh but I went fabric shopping on-line Wed. and at two Jo-Ann's on Sat. Actually, dh knows about 1 on-line fabric order because it arrived while I was out and M. just had to get the mail to look for a letter from his friend. Hey, I never said this was a stash busting year for me. ;) I needed pinks for the baby quilts and I wanted a variety of light and teal blues for the back of Rooty Tooty. Beyond fabric shopping, I haven't been very productive this week but that's going to have to change. I realized that I need one baby quilt done by the 20th because I won't see my friend again until after the baby is born. My other expectant friend may actually be due this month not next. EEK! Not sure how I'm going to get two baby quilts done this month.

Busted! I just got a phone call about my other fabric order and DH answered and heard that I made another order. Oh, well. So much for stealth! :P

The picture is of the pinks that I've bought for the baby quilts as well as a couple of charms I might use parts of. I'm thinking one all pink basket weave quilt and one black and white log cabin with pink centers.

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