Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sewing machine

I've decided that there are just too many projects that I want to get done for me to do them all by hand so I'm going to break down and by a sewing machine. Janome seems to be the main top brand here so that's what I'll probably get. The trick will be shopping for one with all of the kids since school is done. :) Does anyone have experience with Janome? I'm just looking for a simple model. I generally don't use any fancy stitches even the time or two when I've made clothes.

I'd also like to say that Blogger has not been too nice lately about letting me read current posts. I often have to click on May to get the latest updates and sometimes that doesn't even work, like for Patty's Morning Ramble. The latest I can see of her's is the Tie Dye quilt update but I know she's done more than that. I did catch one quick glance of the beautiful fabric that was choosen for the bride's maids dresses but couldn't comment. :( Oh, well. Hopefully Blogger will work out the kinks. Posted by Picasa


Patty said...

Oh blogger is not always kind is it ?
ForestJane just got one of those machines, maybe she can give you some ideas about them.
Hope blogger lets you read my blog soon. ALways something going on around here : )

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you can't get into some blogs - I never have a problem getting to Patty's site. Hope you are able to sort it out - she's always got something interesting on there :-)

Love that rose - so beautiful! Good luck with your weight loss - me too - got to lose 40Kg!!!!!

Leah S said...

I have been eyeing a Janome myself - not that I NEED another machine, but I want one for when I travel/quilting bees. I've been eyeing the Janome Jem Gold - shouldn't be more than $300 (USA).

If money isn't the issue, then I'd go for a Janome 6600MC - I love all the quilting features they offer - more throat space, neat stitches, and I would imagine you've taken a peek at that machine. :)

Good luck - I would love to hear what you end up with and how you like it. :)