Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I thought you might like to see an example of an orchard in Iran. This is a different one than the one we had our No Ruz picnic at but we've been here several times. Each side of the path is lined with rose bushes; some up to about 15 ft. high. The paved area extends about 20 or so meters on either side of the picture. At the end of the path, to the right, they've built a little one room house for relaxing in or as a place to go in case of rain, complete with a mini kitchen, fireplace, bathroom and shower. Here is one of the many rose bushes along the path. There are a few others this color but most are white, yellow or red. The red ones are the ones that are about 15 (or more) ft. tall.
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Patty said...

That orchard is beautiful. Is there much water around there, rainfall etc ?
I love the roses. What lovely places there are for you to go. I just had no idea it was so pretty there. Think I had the idea it was all desert

Shellie said...

There are times when there's not much rain but this winter we had tons! There were weeks when it rained 5 or 6 days out of 7. Not much fun for humans but great for the plants. It's not as green here in Shiraz as many places in the US but where it is cultivated, you'd be amazed how well things grow. The city has done a lovely job of filling many of the median areas with a wide variety of flowers, trees and bushes. There are places in the northern part of Iran where it is as lush and green as Florida or Virginia.

Patty said...

well I have learned something new ! thanks Shellie

Jeanne said...

Hi Shellie,
Those roses are gorgeous! Is that orchard privately owned, or more like our municipal parks here?

Fina said...

Thanks for sharing this, the orchard looks amazing.