Saturday, May 06, 2006


I'd like to answer Jeanne's question about the orchard as well as ask everyone who read this a couple of questions.

First, Jeanne's question was wether the orchard was privately owned or a public space. The orchard in the pictures is privately owned by one brother and all of the improvements were made by another brother over the last 10 years or so. It's such a beautiful place that their mother choose to spend the last few months of her life there.

It just so happens that the day Jeanne posed her question we made a trip to a public orchard that is about 700 years old. Unfortunately, this was an unplanned stop on a trip home from the airport so we did not have our camera with us but I'm sure we will be back since this is a beautiful spot. A three story "summer" house of sorts stands at the center of the orchard. The house is in disrepair now but it is at least 200 years old, probably more. The view is amazing. I can't wait to get some pictures to share. Iranians LOVE to picnic, so any green space is often filled with families at all hours of the day and frequently at night. We visited in the orchard in the early afternoon on Thursday and there were 3 separate groups of women out picnicing with at least 10 women per group.

Now for my questions-My husband suggested tonight that I try my hand at writing a book since I am in the somewhat unique position of being an American woman in Iran. I can understand his point and thinking about current events and rhetoric gives me the idea that it might even be timely but I want to know if others would really be interested in reading it. He just suggested it about an hour or so ago and I've only had a little time to let the ideas simmer but I was thinking about either writing about my impressions or about Iranian women or perhaps even a mix of the two. What do you all think? Anyone think there would be interest in such a book? I found one book on Amazon similar to the idea of writing strickly about Iranian women but it was published 4 years ago and much has changed in Iran during that time.

I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone and everyone that has any ideas or opinions on this.



Patty said...

Wonderful idea ! I would love reading something like that.
Go for it and it is more than timely. I am sure publishers would love the idea.

Tonya R said...

I'm fascinated with Iran and would love to read more about it. But I'd love to know YOUR impressions, not something general, if you know what I mean.

Jeanne said...

How wonderful that there are private gardens like that -- such a big commitment of time and expense! These are just gardens for pleasure, right? Not farms?

I'd LOVE to read a book like the one you're considering. I so enjoy learning about different people and places! Your perspective would be unique because you're part of both worlds, not just a tourist. Your comparisons can be deeper and broader than those of a casual visitor. Are you planning to return to the US at some point, or make your life there?

Jeanne said...

I was thinking more about your book while I prepared dinner,and I think what I'd most enjoy reading would be descriptions/comparisons of daily life. Meals and cooking methods, family gatherings, availability of goods and services, climate, clothing, getting the kids educated, the meanings and rituals of holidays, etc etc. Home life from a woman's perspective ... not politics, cause we can get enough of that from other sources :)

Kathy said...

Ditto to Jeanne's PS comment. I would love to learn more about your experiences.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a book looking through YOUR eyes. The cultures are so different and yet much must be the same. Are the Iranian and American women worried about similar things like family, weight, world happenings etc. It would be a fascinating read for most of us who will never set foot there and who, frankly, don't understand what goes on there outside the war zones.