Wednesday, January 11, 2006

TV here

One of the great things about living in Iran is that you get TV programming from all over. We just watched an awesome BBC nature show. Among my favorites here are a French police drama with a female lead and an Italian forensics drama similar to CSI in US. A few months ago there was a great Iranian serial that I'd try to catch. It was tough to catch though since it was during time I have to get kids ready for bed. There's also a few game shows that I like to watch. When we first got here, one of the stations was finishing up it's Summer Film Festival with movies from around the world. This weekend another station is playing the original German movie "Wings of Desire"(?) that "City of Angels" is based off of. Next week their playing "March of the Penguins". Having lots of interesting stuff to watch certainly helps me work on my Farsi.

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