Monday, June 06, 2011

Design Wall Monday

This has been a crazy week and I really hoped I'd have more to share but the only thing I got done quilt wise was cutting out lots and lots of 5" squares. It was a necessary task and gave me a good number of scraps to work with for the Bottled Rainbows quilt. (in the bag in the picture) My goal for this week is to get to actually piece at least a couple of blocks for the quilt.

I also have to get the girls' summer pants made which will take a fair bit of time but will also produce some usable scraps. I made a tunic for Z. this week using the pattern in the picture and a crazy pink and glitter flowered fabric she picked out. She's definitely a girl that likes sparkle. I promised to make her one more tunic and S. wants a tunic in a different style, which is fine by me since the yoke in this one just about kicked my fanny. I'm not much of a seamstress and I generally just learn things as I go so new patterns tend to be fairly time consuming.

Saturday was the quilt show. I didn't get any pics this years since I had R. and H. with me. Having two little boys at an event like that is certainly a challenge. Although I didn't couldn't manage a camera I did get some shopping in since I also celebrated my birthday this week. This is what I managed to pick up while shopping with my little guys.

Anyway, go check out the other design walls at Judy's blog.

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Marti said...

That is a cute tunic pattern. I know what you mean about sewing a new pattern. I never have gotten the hang of fitting a pattern.

You hit the jackpot at the quilt show, looks like a lot of pretty fabric.