Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Whew. We're back from a 7 week trip to Iran to spend time with family. We just got back last Friday night-a journey of about 30 hours door to door with five kids 10 and under. Now that's fun! ;) It's good to be home and it seems like we're all back on the right time schedule now. I took bunches of pictures of sights this time around but haven't had a chance to download them from the camera between 8 million loads of laundry and the usual daily tasks of keeping a family of 7 up and running. Just going through nearly two months' worth of mail seemed to take half a day and that doesn't count looking at any of the magazines or catalogues that came while we were gone. I didn't have any internet access this time around so besides snail mail, it looks like I've got almost 80 pages of new e-mail to sort through with 25 messages per page. It'll all get done and looked at eventually.

I would have gotten this posted sooner but our little guy discovered buttons in the last few weeks and how much fun it is to push them to make things happen like turning the computer off while mommy's typing or turning the tv on and off while everyone else is watching. Now that's fun!

I hope everyone out there is doing well and not getting too stressed. I'll write again soon.

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