Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer BBQs

This seems to be the summer of BBQs. We've gone to a few this year. This last weekend, one of our friends brought along his camera and snapped not one but two very rare pictures of dh and I together. (Usually one or the other of us is behind the camera.) Unfortunately, dh just finished playing a pick-up game of soccer in 95+ degree heat so he's a wee bit sweaty in the picture. But hey, beggars can't be choosers.

One of the three quilt tops is almost done, just one border left. The second is cut out and the third is about half cut out. I hope to finish all three tops today. The baby shower is Aug. 7 so definitely have to finish at least quilt #1 by then. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can finish all three by then. We've got a trip to see the in-laws coming up either next month or the month after and I'd like to have all the quilts finished before we go, including the planned birthday quilt for dh. Since we'll start up homeschooling again in Aug. and Ramadan is coming up, we'll see just how much I actually get done. For now, it's time to get my backside moving, so I can finish the tops today.

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Jodie said...

So lovely to see a photo of YOU!!! and your DH. You comment that he is so sweaty, can I please ask a question that may only highlight my ignorance? If the answer is yes, and I will presume it is, do you get hot/and or uncomfortable when you are wearing the head dress that you are in the photo. What dress are you require to wear, and what temps do you live in? I am really interested. Thanks, Jodie