Friday, July 24, 2009


According to a fun little salary poll, this is what my job as stay-at-home mom is worth. It's fun because you can personalize it to fit the work you do and about how many hours a day you do them. If you cook from scratch add more hours there. Don't do gardening, set the hours at 0. You can find it at this link to the salary wizard.

On a completely side note, I scored big time this week. Our local school district holds online auctions to get rid of various items. I've never bid before this week but they hold them frequently and I often take a peek to see what they have. Well this week I won a auction for 19 student desks for the grand price of $1. No, not $1 each, just $1. What am I going to do with 19 desks? I'll keep some for the kids, I've offered some to friends who are about to start homeschooling their kids (again or for the first time), we have a larger homeschool group that meets together that I will offer some to and if there are any left, I'll offer them to other homeschoolers in the area. Not a bad way to spend a buck in my opinion. :) (Although, it was actually $1.60 since I had to pay 60 cents to get a money order because they don't accept cash!) I'm planning on letting the kids pick their own paint colors and we'll spray paint their desks this weekend or maybe next weekend.

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