Friday, March 28, 2008

Long time...

no post. Sorry about that. Thanks to everyone that keeps popping in to see if I'm back to blogging.

I came down with the flu just two weeks after I'd been sick with a cold. (Stunning since I hardly ever get sick and I get struck twice this year back to back.) Then one week later dd2 gets it, followed the next day by ds2 and a week after that dd1. So all of that took close to a month to get through. Then I had a friend's baby shower. I managed to make a baby quilt in one week and a day. (Machine pieced, hand quilted) The shower was at 2, I put that last stitch in the binding at 1. (Pictures with the next post.) And all this week I've been putting in computer time planning a surprise trip for our kids to Disney. (I'll post more on our Disney plans later too.) We plan on putting them in the car and not telling them where we're going until we get there. ;)

We're also surprising them with a trip to the circus next week. They haven't been yet since before they were too little and/or we were too busy. I'm pretty sure that they will think that the trip to the circus is the one and only surprise we have planned. Heehee!

Right now I'm trying to finish up our taxes since we'll be on vacation when they're due, so I'll leave you with funny things my soon to be 3 year said a few days ago.

"I'm gonna get two catapiller poops for my birthday from Chuck E. Cheese's."
(With all the excitement in the world in his voice and yes, I did ask him to make sure he really said/meant what I thought he did.)

Later the same day, regarding fish we just got.
"Ew, the fish went poopy! You have to give him a bath in the bathtub."

Have a great day everyone!

1. Kids that keep me on my toes so that life never gets boring.
2. A husband that took a whole week off of work to take care of things while I was sick and recovering.
3. Everyone is healthy again.
4. Having the financial cushion to take a vacation this year and finding great ways to save money on the trip.
5. The forsythias are in bloom and the hyacynth is almost there!

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Adrienne said...

I found your blog the other day...I wandered over from Morning Ramble.

Thank you for your posts. It is very interesting to see into your life. You have beautiful children.