Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Computer problems

I'm having all kinds of computer problems at the moment which has made it very difficult to post. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one will go through.

I've been keeping busy. I finished a robe for the hospital as well as a pair of pajama pants. I also knitted a scarf for my dh's 3 year old niece. I'm not a very accomplished knitter, more like a beginner but I used boa (fuzzy and kind of looks feathery when knitted) yarn which is great for hiding mistakes. I'm about halfway through with a scarf for either S. or Z. with plans to knit another one for whoever doesn't get this one. They'll be Eid gifts for the girls. I'm also working on projects for the boys as well as a couple of little somethings for a friend of mine. Once they're done and sent I'll post more details, but as she reads this blog at least occasionally, I'd rather not say anything more just now.
In the mean time, here is a picture of the computer desk turned sewing table that I picked up for $7 back in May. The keyboard tray is perfect for keeping blocks close at hand but out of sight when it's time to "clean up". It also keeps R. from getting ahold of them. If they're not out in plain view, he doesn't try to play with them. The next two pictures are of the glider and ottoman that I got around the same time as the desk. I haven't gotten around to recovering the ottoman so you can see how grimy the original fabric looked. I didn't do a fabulous job of recovering the cushions on the glider but they're done and the chair gets used often by everyone so I know it was money and time well spent.
Finally, the last picture is from our trip to Persopolis last summer before we left Iran. That lion was originally the base of one of the many pillars throughout the palace. Considering the remains of the palace are over 2000 years old, it's amazing how well so much of it has held up. That's S. in the foreground, dh and R. and sil and her daughter in the background. I'm sure you can't really tell much from the thumbnail but the image should enlarge if you click on it.
I'll post more pictures from Persopolis with my next post.
I'd also like to thank Patty at Morning Ramble for nominating me for the Nice Blogger award. I really appreciate it but haven't been able to thank her yet because of the computer problems. Speaking of which, I'd better try and post this now while the computer is cooperating.