Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still alive

Yes, I'm still alive. Been busy with homeschooling. Add in computer problems and subsequent fiddling by dh and now our office smells heavily of moth balls. DH's uncle needed a place to store some carpets and dh agreed last night before he saw/smelled how many moth balls had been used on them. Last night the smell in the office was absolutely overpowering. Dh moved all of the carpets to the garage first thing this am before he went to work and told his uncle that since I'm expecting and we have little kids could he please make other arrangements. However, the smell of moth balls is still pretty strong in here so I'll be off-line for at least a few days until the office airs out more.

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Patty said...

glad to see you are still alive : )
Moth balls stink in large quantities. Try putting some containers of coffee grounds in the area, that removes smells really fast