Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well, after spending much of the winter so far with way above average temps, like the rest of the country, winter has finally arrived.

It's snowing for the first time this winter and the kids couldn't be happier. Safiya is giving me updates on the progress every 10 min. or so. You'd think the kid had never seen snow before! From the window it looks like it will be a powdery snow, not much good for snow balls but the kids will still enjoy. We're only expecting about an inch, which is a good amount. Enough to keep both parents and kids happy.

I had a wonderful visit with my dad and learned lots about our family history on this side. We have an amazing mix of ancestors including a great, great-grandmother who was Iroquois and had 24 children with her French-Canadian trapper husband to a suffragette who was raised by Jewish adoptive parents because her own parents were murdered (most likely because they were a mixed race couple). There are German and British ancestors as well from his side.

Just think of all the stories those that came before us could tell.

Enjoy your day.

New movie recommendation: A South Korean movie called "The Way Home". It's a very simple movie with a nice message.


Isabella in the 21st Century said...

Wow! That's some family history. We've just had our first *really* cold day of winter too, not snow, but a hard frost...hasn't this winter been strange?

Patty said...

24 children beats our family record of 22 ! That is a lot of children. Imagine cooking for them ?
Thats so nice you had a chance to talk family history with your dad. Now, a bit of advice from an "old lady" write down what he told you so you don't forget the details. I have forgotten so many things my grandmother and mother shared with me and I wish so much I had written down all that they had told me.

So glad the children had fun in the snow. Did you go out and play in it too ?