Friday, October 20, 2006


I went to a hospital rummage sale and scored some great deals this morning. I got 100 spools of thread, a little basket and two packages of iron-on cross stitch transfers for $1.50. Most of the thread was wooden spools and some hadn't even been used. (I was only going to buy a few but when the lovely worker offered to give me the whole lot for less than one spool of thread would cost me now, how could I pass that up?) I also got some great deals on things for the kids like music boxes for each of the girls for only 50 cents a piece. I saw lots of lovely vintage linens many hand-made and thought of all those out there in blogger land that collect such lovely items. But I was under orders not to buy a lot of "STUFF" since we'll just have to move it all again in the near future. :) I had lots of fun and the setting couldn't have been nicer. It was held on the grounds of an equestrian center surrounded by beautiful fall folliage. It was so much fun, maybe I'll go back tomorrow. ;)

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Patty said...

Good shopping ! Now you need a nice thread holder : )
Love thrift shopping, so much fun.
How are the children doing with the changes ? Are you going to homeschool or send them to school ?