Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Making blogger behave

It seems that sometimes Blogger behaves better if I post directly from Blogger every now and then so here is a boring little message and a picture of the mountains we were driving through on June 5.

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Nines said...

Thank you Shellie, for your kind comment on my post. You are a very welcome guest and I am happy that the children enjoy my pics and such, also. I try to keep my blog mostly on quilts as I am in a quilting blog ring. But sometimes, well, the family is the best thing in life. I liked your Quran quote about planning. "it's not in a man to direct his steps..." That's one from Jeremiah I believe. same meaning. My DS Dan, 14y, says "You get what you get- no matter what you want." And that's true, too. Sometimes they are the same thing, eh? What you want and what you get. Let me know if there is anything the children would like to see in Indiana- we homeschoolers have to get an education where we can! Best wishes! Nines