Friday, December 30, 2005

Message in a bottle

Writing a blog seems very much like sending out a message in a bottle. Or perhaps like tying a note to a balloon hoping that where ever it lands, someone will care enough to read it and maybe even reply. We use to do this at school when I was a kid. You tie some kind of note and contact info to the string, let it go and wait. Waiting for a kid is so very hard. Your expectations are so high and you hope each and every day for a reply. But the fact is that very few of the balloons we ever released at school ever received a reply. So it must be for posting blogs. The chances are one in several million that anyone will ever care to even take a peek at what you've written yet millions of people post every day.

Oh, well. Still I'll hope and send my balloons up into the air, cross my fingers and wait.


Anonymous said...

Well, your balloon landed in Australia! Is your husband Iranian, or you? I can't imagine living in the Middle East at the moment though I guess not all of the country is at war. Blogs are funny things - it's more like a journal I think. I'm not a very good writer and I certainly hate to hand-write a diary LOL but it's fun to blog around for a little while each day. There are so many interesting people out there!

Shellie said...

Hubby is Iranian. I agree it's fun to long as Blogger is cooperating with me. ;)

And living in the Middle East right now is actually much calmer and more relaxed than living in the US, at least for me.